Honey & Oak was born from a passion for candles

and a desire to bring comfort and elegance into people's homes, while keeping sustainability in mind. Each candle is made with love using only the very best materials, from all natural coconut soy wax to premium fragrance oils and crackling wood wicks.


I have dreams about where Honey & Oak will go, but realize that it can’t get there without pouring myself into every aspect of the candle making process. My goal is to light up customers' lives with incredible customer service and a one-of-a-kind candle experience!


Hello there! My name is Natalie Cervantes, the woman who single-handedly runs Honey & Oak.


I believe that passion fuels purpose. That's why I am passionate + dedicated to crafting a candle that is sustainable, affordable, and fills your space with luxurious aromas that satisfy the soul.


Whether you find yourself burning a candle while reading, taking a bath, or snuggling under the blankets on the couch (a favorite of mine), you will always know that you are burning an eco-friendly product.


Thank you for supporting my small business + dream!