Honey and Oak

Who we are::

Who we are::

Well, hello! This morning I'd like to share a bit about us here at Honey and Oak. What is Honey and Oak you say? Well, grab a cup of tea or a latte and pull up your comfiest chair and I will tell you... 

Honey and Oak is an Artist Collective. We create Handmade Pieces, large and small, and curate Found Objects. Every season our theme changes. Which means all the delicious product you see on the site will be added to every season. New Story. New theme. New Creations. Doesn't that sound fun? Yes, you're right, it is!  We, as artists, get to create our little hearts out and then share a new story and new products with you our customer. I think it's a win win. 

The idea started when my fellow artists and I decided we needed a place to "put" our creations. A place to hold all this creative energy that wanted to burst forth. Yet, could we do that? We didn't want it to be one product...forever and ever and ever and ever. That just wouldn't fit in with what we really wanted to share. For we are "multi-tastic" to quote my daughter. Many ideas. Many skills. Many pieces and thoughts and concepts to share. So, Honey and Oak was born over some long phone calls and late night couch sessions and latte drinking while walking on the beach. The only downside has been, when this idea came to fruition, that I truly had to keep my caffeine consumption down. Too exciting. Too wonderful. Too much!  And, all of you that know me, know I love a good latte. 

So even now, as you see, Prairie.Native.Grounded., and it's golden light up on our site  we are already finishing our next theme for you. We, the artists are in our studios, making quite a mess I might add, pulling together pieces that will be photographed and posted for your viewing pleasure. When you see the next theme, which we hope will amaze and inspire, we will already be creating for the following theme. Do you see? Isn't it awesome?!  Change in a good way. Change for the better. Change that makes you want change! Right?! 

So that is us in a nutshell. We are loving this new adventure and we hope you do too. One story after another. One theme after another. One adventure after another. 

Thank you for joining us, 


Artist and mover and shaker for Honey and Oak

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