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Squam Scholarship is Live!

Squam Scholarship is Live!

Our Squam Art Workshop Scholarship Opens today! 

We are offering one spot to attend the Squam Workshops either for their Spring session (June 7th - June 11th 2017) OR their Fall session (September 13th - September 17th 2017). You get to choose what works best for you! In addition, we will provide a $500.00 stipend to be used towards Travel Expenses and Extras. 

Squam Art Workshops offers a deeply connected experience perfect for makers at all levels of experience. Their goal is simply to "let there be more joy-more light-more ease." The workshops are heart-centered, encouraging you to seek new perspectives. It's an empowering opportunity to discover your deepest thoughts and expressions. An adventure to meet new friends and collaborate with others who share your love of knitting, writing, painting, photography, etc. 



Here at Honey and Oak, we couldn't be more excited to offer this opportunity. A journey of a lifetime. An adventure just for you, an amazing creative. For one last year, as this is the final year of Squam Art Workshops, we will cherish the experience and carry that in our pocket for years to come. 

We decided to provide this Scholarship because...

We believe that collaboration and sharing is powerful…

We believe that a handmade life is worth celebrating…

We believe in honoring beauty and joy through artful expression…

We believe that each person brings a unique story to the world…

We believe that the creative process is a journey worth taking…

And because we believe in the power of a global community of makers…



We are offering this Scholarship to Creative minded folk. To those of you who think this is truly a push to your edges. That taking this step  to honor yourself this way is frankly, a bit scary.  To someone open to adventure. To someone who has never attended Squam before. To someone who will cherish their experience. 




To enter your application for the Squam Art Workshop Scholarship, simply follow the guidelines below.

In your best words send us a page or less describing...

First- Who you are. Not what you do for a job. Or what your "labels" are but rather who you are when you feel most like yourself. Who you are when no one is watching. Who you are when life isn't always a pretty picture. Who you are when you think about the best parts of you. Your strengths. Your superhero powers. You know, those things you hope to show the world, someday. Or maybe right now. Give us a glimpse of your most unique you.

Second- Let us know what you would bring of yourself to Squam. We are often asked what we want to "get out" of some experience but here we want to know what you would bring to enhance the Squam experience for yourself and others. How you would honor your strengths and elevate others with this opportunity. 

Third- Tell us why you want to join in the Squam experience. What you think you would love about Squam. The "Why" you're applying at all. That's what we want to know. 

If, you are nominating someone else, then please answer the questions above as well as letting us know why you are nominating them. Also,  if you nominate someone make sure that they will actually be able to go. Check in with them before you send us all their wonderful information. We want them to go, they just need to believe that too! 

Email your words to info@honeyandoak.com no later than January 3rd 2017 at 5:00p.m. PST. We will announce the winner on January 8th by 12:00 p.m. PST. 



Squam really does border on a dream.  As challenging as it can be to set aside your "to do's" and nestle in and let go it really couldn't be a more wonderful experience. Let Squam and the beautiful people and the glinty lake and the damp forests and the squeaky floors and the early risers sink in. Feel your hands in some paint. Find just the right light to photograph. Take a dip in the refreshing lake. Or take in a few extra rows of knitting surrounded by a room full of fellow campers by a fire in a cabin called Nirvana.  Yes, that's right.  Squam and Nirvana in the very same place.  Who would have thought?  

Elizabeth, Creator and Founder, knows how to create such a warm, welcoming experience.  Down to the littlest details.  Personal notes to each camper, I mean wow.  Although, she had me at "free yarn" for the gift bags so...  

It's an experience I will never forget. Ever. 




Your applications will be chosen by a small panel. Our panel will read through every application. Every single one. They will decide who the lucky creative will be that gets to participate in Squam. We are so excited to share this opportunity. 

Really, if we could, we wish we could send each and every one of you, alas... 

So apply if you are someone who embraces joy. Someone who believes in creativity as a journey. Someone who is inspired by being with others. Someone who knows that honoring yourself is divine. 





We are so grateful to be a part of sending one of you wonderful, creative folks to The Squam Art Workshop Retreat. 

Thank you for all that you are, 

Kellen, Birdie, and Valerie Quinn


Jan 03, 2017

Thank you for offering this amazing opportunity! Is this only open to new attendees or to everyone?

Dec 29, 2016

~ How generous & kindhearted !! * I’m answering your questions as well, … they are wonderful for focusing & creative direction. I have a place at Fall 2017, my first SQUAM ever !! But to get there I’m having my own equivalent of “bake-sales” in fiber-art-sales, yard sales, whatever it takes,… SQUAM is a most wonderful, life-changing dream. * Kudos to you for opening the dream to another creative soul !! ~ Kindly, Shell ~

Dec 28, 2016

Hot tears of gratefulness. I will reach out to some of my friends who would treasure such an opportunity. ?

Dec 23, 2016

What a beautiful wonderful opportunity for some lucky person. Such a kind offering. Blessings to all.


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