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Squam Scholarship 2017::

Squam Scholarship 2017::

Good Morning. This morning we announced the winner of the Squam 2017 Scholarship over on Instagram.  We had an abundant and beautiful response.  Our decision panel read each and every one.  They laughed aloud, got teary eyed, had deep thoughts and were touched by what the applicants shared. 

The choice for our panel was a difficult one.  Each story captivating, authentic, thoughtful and deserving.  For some of you, it meant a reprieve from your busy life of serving others; for some it meant getting back to a creative self you’d put aside for a while; for others it was a desire to work collectively with your ‘tribe’; and for others it was to reconnect with nature and art in a soulful way. All beautiful. All worthy. All wonderful. 

At Honey and Oak, we have come to realize, more each day, that it is essential to commit to handmade.  To honor the artist living inside us. To share the beauty of creativity. To embrace joy and beauty in the world and create new ways to share this.  We support each and everyone of you to do the same. Thank you for sharing such beauty with our panel. They are forever changed. 

Thank you Elizabeth for allowing us the opportunity to contribute to "Creativity as a Way of Life". We are so humbled to be part of this experience. 


With love,

Kellen, Birdie and Valerie Quin

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