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Re-Using Candles

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Once your candles have completely burned out, your candle jars are ready for a second life! There are sooo many ways you can reuse your vessels - they’re perfect for storing all kinds of things you use everyday and are a great way to playfully decorate your space like the kitchen or your home office.


There are plenty of creative ways to reuse your vessel, once the candle has been completely burned through. Here are some simple tips to get your used candle jar ready for its second life! First, to remove the last bit of the wax, place the jar in the freezer to loosen, then it will pop right out with a knife. Second, once the wax is removed, wash it with hot soapy water or run it through the dishwasher. Now all that's left is to decide how to repurpose your vessel!

If you’re looking for ideas on that, l’ll share 10 ideas below…

  1. Use it as a planter.

  2. Use it to corral items on your vanity (cotton swabs, cotton rounds, cosmetic brushes, travel perfume bottles, etc).

  3. Use glass vessels as a drinking or cocktail glass (after thoroughly cleaning).

  4. Use shallow candle vessels as a catchall bowl on an entry table or nightstand.

  5. Use the jar as a votive for a pillar candle or tea light.

  6. Use it to store pens or pencils on your desk.

  7. Use it on the kitchen counter to contain tea & coffee bar packets.

  8. Use it to store hair ties, clips, and bobby pins.

  9. Use it to hold matches or vintage match books for easy candle lighting.

  10. Try your hand at a DIY soy candle and refill it for life as a candle once again!

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