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Honey & Oak candle

The gentle crackle and unique flicker of wood wick candles make for a super cozy ambience, but they can be a little tricky to burn if you're not used to them. Below are some helpful tips to achieve the best burn for your wood wick candle!

About Wood Wicks

Each wick is made in the US and is ethically sourced from Forest Stewardship Council Certified Mills.

Wood wicks create a sensual, slow burn and are best known for their soothing crackling sound. Not only are you getting a clean and long lasting burn from wood wicks, but they are the more sustainable, natural, and eco-friendly choice!



First Burn

It’s important to remember that candles have memories. When lighting, allow the candle to melt all the way to the sides of the container. Otherwise, the wax will start to “tunnel” around the wick, making it more difficult for the wax to melt evenly around the edges of the jar. 


Burn Time

To extend the life of your candle, only burn your candle for a maximum of 4 hours at a time. Protect the candle from areas where breezes, ceiling fans, and drafts are present. Also, do not move or handle the candle when it is burning.



Trim your wick!

Trim the wick to 1/8" each time. This helps prevent the flame from getting too large. Make sure to let your candle cool down before trimming. You can use wick cutters or pinch off the burnt wood along the top of the wick and light as usual. Extinguish the candle when ½” of wax is remaining.